A Silent Voice Hindi Dubbed Download

A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) Download

A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) Hindi English Japanese Dubbed 480p 720p 1080p HD Download and Watch Online Puretoons Deadtoonsindia Raretoonsindia Tvtoonsindia Fulltoonsindia KayoAnime AnimeKaizoku Gogoanime Zoro.to HindiAnime.XYZ

A Silent Voice Hindi Dubbed Download

Details :

  • Name : A Silent Voice
  • Other Names : Koe no Katachi
  • Genres : Romance, Drama, Slice of Life
  • Type : Movie
  • Duration : 2 hr 10 min
  • Quality : 480 720p 1080p
  • Language : Hindi English Japanese
  • Release Date : Sep 17, 2016

Storyline :

Japanese teenager Shoya Ishida plans to commit suicide. He changes his mind at the last minute and reminisces about his elementary school days and the events that led him here. A new student named Shoko Nishimiya informs the class that she is deaf. She tries to fit in with the class but ends up annoying Shoya and her friends so they start stalking her. When news of the bullying reaches the headmaster, Shoya is implicated as the perpetrator.Soon, the classroom bullying backfires, subjecting him to the same treatment as Shoko.
Shoya is in high school now. He covers the faces of those around him, unable to look them in the eye. Another loner, Tomohiro Nagatsuka, befriends Shoya after Shoya helps him deal with a bully. Shoya visits a sign language center, returns Shoko’s notebook in hopes of redemption, and reveals that she learned sign language.The two meet on deck to feed the koi fish bread.
One day, Shoya and Shoko accidentally throw Shoko’s notebook into the river and jump to get it, which is forbidden. Yuzuru Nishimiya, Shoko’s younger sister, secretly takes a photo of Shoya jumping and posts it online. Shoya is suspended.
Shoya finds Yuzuru who ran away from home and takes her home.As she leaves in the middle of the night, Shoya follows her and tells her that she regrets how she treated Shoko. decides to go home. The sisters’ mother, Yaeko Nishimiya, slaps Shoya in the face before leading Yuzuru inside.
Shoya and Shoko reunite with Miyoko Sahara, an elementary school classmate who used to be friends with Shoko. Shoko gives Shoya a gift and confesses her feelings to him, but since she tries to talk about her feelings instead of signing them, Shoya doesn’t understand her.

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A Silent Voice (also known as “Koe no Katachi”) is an animated Romance, Drama, Slice of Life Movie released in Sep 17, 2016. The Movie has a duration of 2 hr 10 min and is available in 480 720p 1080p quality. The Movie is available in Hindi English Japanese languages, making it accessible to a wider audience through the world.

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