Does HindiAnime.XYZ support piracy?

No, we do not support piracy. We just store the collection of some Hindi dubbed cartoons, animes, and TV-series that are not available on DVD. Most of the shows in India do not release on DVD, so we are just making the collection of those series.

Where does HindiAnime.XYZ get the content from?

This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

Is it legal to watch content on the HindiAnime.XYZ website?

The legality of watching content on our website depends on the laws of the country you are in. In some countries, it is legal to watch content that is not available on DVD, while in other countries, it is illegal. We recommend that you check with the laws of your country before watching content on our website.

What is HindiAnime.XYZ’s policy on copyright infringement?

We take copyright infringement very seriously. If you believe that your content has been copied and is available on our website without your permission, please contact us and we will take appropriate action. Mail: [email protected]

How can I help prevent piracy?

You can help prevent piracy by only watching content that is available on legitimate sources, such as DVD or streaming services. You can also report copyright infringement to the appropriate authorities.

Why does HindiAnime.XYZ making this Anime collection?

We are making this collection because we believe that everyone should have access to these shows, even if they are not available on DVD. We also believe that it is important to preserve these shows for future generations.

What is the purpose of this disclaimer?

The purpose of this disclaimer is to make it clear that we do not support piracy and that we are not responsible for the content that is provided by third parties. We also want to make it clear that we do not store any files on our server.

Why is this disclaimer important?

This disclaimer is important because it helps to protect HindiAnime.XYZ from being held liable for any copyright infringement that may occur. By stating that we do not support piracy and that we do not store any files on our server, we are making it clear that we are not responsible for the content that is hosted on third-party websites.

We hope this answers your questions about our disclaimer. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Thank you for your understanding.